Taras Seredokha


Consultant, Software Engineer, Software Architect

Nov 2023 - Current Freelance

Short-term contracts on various small and medium size projects. Consulting for distributed system design on Azure. Design and implementing complex solution for online university onboarding (.NET, Blazor, Azure Functions, ServiceBus, Cosmos DB) Consultations on hybrid GCP to Azure solution migration. Consultations about DevOps processes: Azure DevOps process and migration to IaaS. Designing and implementing a platform for online food delivery ordering.

Senior Software Engineer

Jun 2022 - Oct 2022 Kissterra

Kissterra is a leading Israeli Insurtech company that is revolutionizing the way insurance carriers view marketing. As a Senior Developer, I worked with cutting-edge technologies including C#, .NET Core, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Redis, MongoDB, RabbitMQ, and more. My primary focus was on developing core features with a strong emphasis on building robust, scalable, and resilient production components. Within the dynamic and fast-paced environment, I collaborated closely with the product team as an integral part of an organic development group. Taking ownership of projects from design to production, I enjoyed the challenge of working in a Big Data environment. Adhering to clean-code principles, I received real-time feedback to ensure the highest code quality, and my contributions benefited from a short "time to market," allowing my code to quickly go live in real market products.

Senior Software Engineer

Jun 2021 - Jun 2022 Ciklum

As a senior developer, I played a pivotal role in building a sophisticated system based on Azure Service Fabric microservices architecture. The system's core focus was on seamless integration with Microsoft 365, empowering users with enhanced productivity and collaboration tools. Utilizing my expertise in SQL, .NET Core, Service Bus, Logic Apps, and Traffic Manager, I developed and orchestrated microservices that enabled smooth and efficient data flow and communication between the system and Microsoft 365. Leveraging the scalability and resilience of Azure Service Fabric, I ensured a highly available and fault-tolerant system, capable of handling varying workloads and maintaining excellent performance. Throughout the development process, I provided technical leadership, collaborating closely with cross-functional teams to drive innovation and implement best practices in microservices design and development. This senior position allowed me to showcase my proficiency in integrating with Microsoft 365 and designing a robust microservices architecture, leveraging Azure's powerful suite of services to create a cutting-edge system that empowered users with advanced productivity tools.

Lead Software Engineer

Aug 2020 - Sep 2021 Eleks

In this lead role, I took charge of developing a comprehensive system for an online supermarket based in Denmark. The website was built on the Sitecore platform, and I led the development efforts by extending Sitecore's capabilities while also creating new, separate microservices. My primary focus was on seamless integration with the payment solution, ensuring a secure and efficient checkout experience for customers. Leveraging my expertise in .NET, .NET Core, SQL, JavaScript, and Angular, Docker I architected and implemented various features that enhanced the website's performance and user experience. As the technical lead, I collaborated closely with a talented team of developers, providing guidance and fostering a collaborative environment that led to successful project delivery. This role allowed me to demonstrate my proficiency in working with the Sitecore platform, designing and developing microservices, and ensuring smooth integration with external systems for a seamless online supermarket experience in Denmark.

Lead Software Engineer

Nov 2019 - Aug 2020 N-iX for Nexford University

As the lead developer, I spearheaded the design and development of a sophisticated microservice system for an online university. This cutting-edge system was built on a modern tech stack, including .NET Core and React. On the backend, I utilized the power of Azure Functions to create scalable and event-driven microservices, seamlessly integrating them with Azure SQL for data storage and Cosmos DB for NoSQL data management. To ensure robust communication and asynchronous processing, I implemented Azure Service Bus, enabling efficient message-based interactions between microservices. On the frontend, I led the development efforts using React, crafting a responsive and intuitive user interface for students, faculty, and staff. As the technical lead, I collaborated closely with cross-functional teams, guiding and mentoring developers, and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence. This role allowed me to showcase my expertise in designing and architecting microservice-based systems, utilizing the latest technologies to create a highly performant and scalable solution for the online university's needs.

Senior Software Engineer

Jun 2017 - Nov 2019 N-iX for Orbus Software

As a senior web developer, I played a key role in supporting and developing an external-facing web application for Orbus' marketing team. The application was built on a robust tech stack, including .NET, .NET Core, and ASP.NET, with Identity Server providing secure authentication. My primary focus was on developing microservices that seamlessly integrated with external systems such as Zendesk and Salesforce APIs, enabling efficient data exchange and enhancing customer experience. Throughout the development process, I leveraged various Azure services, including Web Apps, Traffic Manager, Azure SQL, Azure Blob Storage, Service Fabric, and Logic Apps. These cloud services ensured scalability, high availability, and seamless performance for the application. As part of my responsibilities, I provided technical leadership and expertise to the development team, ensuring the successful delivery of high-quality solutions that aligned with industry best practices.

Software Engineer

Oct 2015 - Sep 2018 SoftServe

Developed and maintained an internal IT Service Management (ITSM) solution. Led frontend development using AngularJS for a user-friendly interface. Utilized C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC and SQL to implement robust functionalities with a focus on application security. Managed SQL tech stack, ensuring efficient databases with data integrity and optimal performance. Collaborated in Visual Studio environment, working with cross-functional teams to deliver a high-quality ITSM solution, boosting operational efficiency.

.NET Developer

Feb 2013 - Oct 2015 Qualified Consulting

Worked on small and medium-sized projects, handling both maintenance and development from scratch. Primarily focused on web applications, while also contributing to desktop application development. Proficient in C#, .NET, ASP.NET, WPF, XAML, and SQL Server, using them to deliver high-quality and efficient solutions. Utilized SQL tech stack to design and manage databases, ensuring data integrity and optimal performance. Worked in Visual Studio as the primary working environment, collaborating effectively with cross-functional teams.


Master's degree, Computer Science

Sep 2013 - Feb 2016 Lviv Polytechnic National University

The Master's degree program in Automated Control Systems provided an advanced and comprehensive curriculum that delved into the intricacies of designing, implementing, and optimizing control mechanisms for various industries and applications. Throughout the program, students explored cutting-edge concepts related to sensors, actuators, feedback loops, and system integration. The coursework encompassed both theoretical foundations and hands-on practical experience, enabling students to develop expertise in developing and managing automated systems. Graduates were equipped to lead and innovate in the field of automated control, playing a critical role in enhancing efficiency and productivity across diverse sectors.

Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science

Sep 2010 - Jul 2013 Lviv Polytechnic National University

This course introduced the fundamentals of automated control systems, focusing on the design, implementation, and optimization of control mechanisms for various applications. As a student, I learned about sensors, actuators, and feedback loops, gaining practical skills in developing and managing automated systems to enhance efficiency and productivity in modern industries and technologies. I successfully completed the course and acquired valuable knowledge in automated control systems.

Junior Specialist

Sep 2006 - July 2010 Chervonograd State College of Mining Technology and Economy

This course focused on programming concepts and techniques for developing applications targeting Electronic Computing Machinery (ECM) and Embedded Systems. As a student, I learned to design and implement software for devices with limited resources, such as microcontrollers and sensors, enabling me to create innovative and efficient solutions for various electronic systems and embedded devices. I successfully completed the education and gained valuable skills in programming for ECM and embedded systems.

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